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A beautiful orange rose to share with those in your life.  Roses along with the honeysuckle are considered to be the birth flower of June. 


Orange Rose Meaning:

Orange roses are reminiscent of fire, citrus, and sunsets. They are considered a passionately intense way to say thanks, congratulations or I love you. Also, since orange roses haven’t been around as long as the other colors, they have a contemporary feeling and flair.

Orange Rose

SKU: 0020
  • This 4x6 image is mounted on quality white textured cardstock with both the card and envelope having a lovely deckled edge. Cards are shipped in protective plastic sleeves as well as padded envelopes to ensure they are in great shape when they reach you.

  • You may cancel your order and receive a refund if your cards haven't been shipped yet.  After they have been shipped there are no refunds.

    If I mail you the incorrect card, I will absolutely send you the correct one and accept a return on the incorrectly shipped card.

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