Relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book.  Surprise your friends with this unique SpecialTea card.  Inside you will find a pouch (various colours) that holds two individually wrapped teabags.  It's a card and gift in one.


Everyone Deserves Tea!

Tea and book - SpecialTea Cards

SKU: ST015
  • SpecialTea cards come with two individually wrapped tea bags.  Choose something you'd like or let us chose for you.  When placing your order let us know which two you want.  Choices are: earl grey tea, double spice chai tea, decalf chai spice tea, green tea, decalf green tea, meyer lemon tea, mango passionfruit tea, Raspberry & White Decalf Tea, peppermint tea, ginger peach green tea and chai green tea.

  • Inside these SpecialTea cards you will find either a paper origami or organza pouch to hold your choice of tea.  The images show show different colours but not all may be available at any given time.  If there is a colour or preference of pouch type please let us know when you place your order, otherwise we will choose a pouch and colour for you.  We can't guarantee that the colour will be available but we will to our best to make it happen.